Spectrasol is a complete LED lighting & controls company that was established to bring highly affordable LED (light emitting diode) lighting so that everyone can gain the incredible cost saving benefits. Spectrasol primarily operates in the Florida, Caribbean, and Latin American regions.

Lighting is one of the largest energy costs that affect businesses today. More and more savvy business owners have been turning to high efficiency LED lighting technology as a way to save considerable money on their power bill each month and to provide unparalleled quality lighting. LED technology has traditionally been too expensive for regular consumers to consider switching to but this is slowly changing in our ever increasingly competitive market and Spectrasol has specialized in providing the most cost efficient and high quality LED lighting products available.

Spectrasol can do this because we have over 20 years of experience when it comes to product distribution from around the world and factory vetting. Many LED companies today can get away with charging ridiculous premiums on their LED products because any cheaper alternatives are poorly made and unreliable. Spectrasol travels all across the globe to find the best factories and inspects them in person to ensure the highest quality manufacturing processes and then is able to find the most economic way to get them to your business!

Spectrasol’s LED products can save your company money because of our low cost (usually lower than half the price of our competitors), long product lifetime (most products have an average lifetime of 50,000 hours), and excellent warranties (5 years).


  • Affordable, high quality LED lighting products
  • Controls made for LED products (wall sensors, ceiling sensors, daylight harvesting, etc.)
  • Project specific estimates
  • Assistance with lighting design and photometric support
  • Bulk LED product distribution for lighting supply

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